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TerraQuant® Pro is our most popular package giving you
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· Stimulates Immune System.
· Analgetic and anti-inflammatory effects.
· Improves Blood Circulation.
· Improves Nerve fiber conduction
· Facilitates faster tissue regeneration.

TerraQuant - How it works

TerraQuant is the only non-invasive medical device available today in the world that provides a unique combination of pulsed laser and infrared, visible red light and magnetic field based on Low Level Laser Quantum Therapy.




What TerraQuant can do for your health

- Provides Pain relief reducing medication
- Improves blood circulation
- Reduces Swelling
- Stimulates cell growth
- Stimulates cell metabolism
- Activation of ATP & protein
- Stimulates Enzyme synthesis
- Enhances collagen synthesis
- Provides antioxidant effect
- Stimulates immune system
- Promotes tissue regeneration


TerraQuant Laser Therapy is used in 30 countries
focusing on numerous solutions and therapies.

Intended Indications listed on this website reflect
regulatory approvals which vary from country to country.


- Pain Relief Solutions
- Many other indications
- Acute, sub-acute and chronic pain relief
- Shoulder pain
- Carpal tunnel
- Back pain
- Tennis elbow
- Fibromyalgia

Average Power
* Total Radiation 60 - 90 mW
* Laser Radiation <01 Laser Diode> 0.4 -1.4 mW
* Infrared Radiation 30 - 90 mW
* Red LED's <8 LED's> 02 - 10 mW
* Permanent Magnet Induction 25 - 45 mT

* Laser (adjustable) 900 +/- 50 nm
* Infrared Radiation 860 - 740 nm
* Red Radiation 600 - 740 nm

Class II Equipment Applied Part Type BF
Laser Class 1M (IEC 60825-1)
Supply Ratings 13.5 Vdc, max. 0.7A
Weight 1.5 kg (approx. 3.3 pounds)
Dimensions 24 cm x 22 cm x 9 cm

Pro package includes:

1. TerraQuant© Console
2. SE25 Standard Emitter
3. 2-pair of laser goggles
4. Soft Sided Case
5. Operating Manual & User's Guide
6. Protocol Manual
7. 2 year limited warranty


Standard Multi Radiance Emitter

Standard SE25 Emitter

Standard Emitter (superpulse multi radiance)

• The SE25 is our standard emitter .
• It covers a 4 cm2 treatment area quickly and efficiently.
• The SE25 is threaded for the attachment of probes to assist in various treatments thus making it the most versatile emitter in TerraQuant© product line.

• 25,000 mW of Super Pulsed Laser Power

• 2 Year warranty

• PhotoProbes (optional) 4 Lens Kit

The SE25 is the core of the entire TerraQuant system; it combines 3 different light wavelengths and a static magnetic field to provide complete spectral irradiance. The most versatile and powerful of the single laser diode emitter’s, the super pulsed laser produces 25W of peak laser power. The design of the emitter allows for the use of hand free application via the emitter armature (sold separately) and the lens is removable to allow sterilization and the use of additional Photoprobe Adapters (sold separately) to change power density and spot diameter to suit a wide variety of conditions and situations without the purchase of additional emitter’s.

Set of 4 Light Acupuncture
Trigger Point Probes

The probes allow the laser cluster to be adapted to treat smaller target areas without having to purchase additional expensive equipment.

• Compatible with SE15 & SE25 emitters

• Polished, non-toxic glass construction

PHOTOPROBE Adapters are light bending or light focusing lenses for the SE Emitters. These optical fiber light guides are intended to enhance functional potentialities of the laser by means of transporting light emissions generated by the apparatus directly into target tissue. They are constructed of non-toxic, optical organic glass and are polished to exclude any accidental trauma of the patient during treatment, to diminish lateral radiation, and facilitate disinfection of the nozzle. Probes are easily screwed onto the emitter’s making them very versatile tools for Acupuncturists, Chiropractors and other Clinicians. There are several types of probe sets available to clinicians: acupuncture, dental, gynecological, pediatric and cosmetic.

Clinically Proven

TerraQuant can significantly reduce pain in as little as 3 treatments. Treatments are safe and can be easily performed by a professional or self-administered. Hold the emitter and move it in a circular motion on the painful area of a body.

Low-Level Laser Treatment LLLT

Low level laser therapy was first discovered in Eastern Europe in the 1960s. Lasers used in surgery, of course, literally burn through tissue—but the very low-intensity of the light beams used in LLLT have a constructive, rather than a destructive, effect. It turns out that LLLT probably has its most profound effects on the microscopic intracellular structures called mitochondria. When the gentle but penetrating beams of the LLLT laser illuminate cellular mitochondria, mitochondrial energy production is increased, which may help relieve local inflammation and pain. Low-level laser therapy may also assist in the process of wound and tissue healing through boosting microcirculation, promoting cellular proliferation, and reducing inflammatory activity that contributes to the cycle of chronic pain.

Most dramatically and recently, Australian researchers have identified a direct effect on the flow of cellular materials down the long axon that makes up the “wiring” of nerve cells. In essence, the low-level light basically “stuns” the nerve cells. In their own words these researchers have discovered that “laser-induced neural blockade is a consequence of such changes and provides a mechanism for… laser-induced pain relief. The repeated application of laser in a clinical setting modulates nociception [pain perception] and reduces pain. The application of laser therapy for chronic pain may provide a non-drug alternative for the management of chronic pain.”

It’s good to know how it works—but even better is knowing that it works. Fortunately for those who suffer from chronic pain, there’s a massive body of literature on LLLT’s effectiveness.

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